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March 9, 2019 Lewis & Clark Honor's Banquet Lewis & Clark College 7:30PM - 8:00PM We are singing at Lewis & Clark for the Honor's Banquet. Short and sweet, but lots of fun!
March 30, 2019 ICCA West Semi-Finals Elsinore Theatre, Salem, OR
7:30PM - 8:00PM Don’t miss your chance to cheer on your favorite collegiate a cappella group in a national competition! While B-Side will not be competing, we will be performing during the judges deliberation!! Come join us to celebrate everyone's hard work and hear some of our new songs!
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May 4, 2019 Show with Girl Band TBD, Portland, OR TBD We're planning a show with one of our favorite groups from Seatle: Girl Band! They're an amazing group of six women we LOVE to sing with! Check them out on Facebook. More details coming soon!

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