In the Spotlight: Siani Donnellan

Have you ever seen a more perfect angel? The answer is no, you haven't

Out of all of the B-Side members, there is one you haven’t read about yet. In fact, her magical fingers have been the reason we have had any blog posts at all. Let me tell you the story of Siani Donnellan. Once upon a time, a water nymph took the form of a blond and ever so slightly awkward angel. Thus, Siani was born in the dusty haze of California, and ever since her heart has been full of music and poetry. Siani is kind, patient, sincere, and a total goof. She has written two original songs for B-Side Book Club, but countless other songs have been formed on her chosen lute. Siani brings creativity, stability, warmth, and love into B-Side and into her daily life. Her silky smooth alto voice is a combination of Ingrid Michaelson and a latte in a cozy coffee shop. Often times, people single out her songs as their favorites from our performances.

Beyond her contributions to B-Side (and let’s be real, humanity in general) Siani works in multiple roles at New Seasons Market and as a Receptionist at Wieden + Kennedy. When not being a professional goddess, she spends her time creating beauty out of mud in the Radius Ceramics Studio, drawing and lettering her own greeting cards (soon to be for sale!), painting cute shit, and musing about the world. Siani is the person you want to be friends with, but it takes you a while to get to know her. Maybe it’s because she’s so beautiful and intimidating… or because she does an excellent impression of an English accent that makes you question your sexuality. Either way, when you do get to know her, you’ll be lucky and grateful that she is by your side. And that’s how we feel! Siani - we are so incredibly happy to have as a friend and member of B-Side Book Club.

Not pictured: Cherubs and kittens flying around this perfect human