In the Spotlight: Scott Forman

Look at this cutie!

Oh, the beautiful, outgoing, charming Scott is a newer addition to our team and we are so glad to have him! From his incessant sass to his earnest will to help and put in time and energy, he has jumped into this group heart and soul. His earthy, sultry voice breaks hearts and deepens our lower register of sound in a way that has us positively shivering with goosebumps.

Married to a sunbeam of a man, father to an adorable dog, killin’ it as his job with at Adpearance Marketing - Scott has his shit together and still makes time for adventure, romance, and fun. He spent two years teaching abroad in Prague, is fluent in Czech, and is a friendly, gregarious individual with the perfect mixture of sensitivity and audacity. He naturally makes people feel comfortable, lending to his absurd ability to bring people together and draw a crowd. He is fashionable, humble, graceful, down-to-earth, vibrant, and an all-around excellent human. Scott, we are so happy to have you in our found-family, singing your heart out with us.

A man and his dog