In the Spotlight: Kimo Camat

Look at this goober

The smile that warmed a 1,000 hearts comes from the shining light that is Kimo Camat. His amazing voice, his dramatic flare, his amazing emails and group planning, his sweetness and playfulness are things we could not be without in the group - and not to mention, those smokin’ pipes!

When not making waves and taking names as the Office Coordinator of Wieden+Kennedy, Kimo dedicates his time to doing a great deal of work for B-Side as well as acting in theater productions throughout Portland. He has been nominated for a Drammy, received a Portland Area Musical Theater (PAMTA) award in 2017, and won our hearts long before that. He has a gift for quoting obscure movie lines, has an entire catalogue of broadway songs he is able to sing at a moment’s notice, and is always striving to better himself. The dedication and perseverance with which Kimo approaches the things that matter to him is inspiring and we are so happy to be one of those important things. We could not do without the silky power of Kimo’s voice nor his sassy eyebrows and sweet, silly heart. He is part of our chosen family through and through.

That dimple tho