In the Spotlight: Sierra Bertolone-Smith

Always studying and learning all the things

The ever-so-gorgeous, hard-working, supportive and encouraging Sierra is one of the original founders of B-Side, lending her stunning soprano to our mix whilst working at OHSU, taking classes, and getting accepted to med school. Fondly referred to as Doctor Princess, when not coordinating clinical trials, taking night classes, or attending numerous and varied events, Sierra enjoys reveling in the finer things in life - eating delectable food, turning heads with flawless fashion, exploring beautiful places, laughing with friends.

Filled to the brim with empathy, consideration, and respect this strong angel woman fills our world with sweetness, vibrance, and love. As her life trajectory moves forward, Sierra will be leaving Portland to go to medical school at Pacific Northwest University in Washington and, while we are so sad to see her leave, we are incredibly proud of her hard-won success. Your bright smile, the wholesome softness of your celestial voice, your dirty sense of humor, and your deep reservoirs of love and compassion will be so acutely missed, dear Sierra! We can’t wait to see you in your element as a medical professional and laugh with you later down the road.

I mean, come on. So stunning