In the Spotlight: Austin Mahar

Chillin' with the kitty-cat

This sweet, good-natured, lovable and talented pup of a human is such a welcomed addition to our group! Splitting his time between B-Side and his other a cappella group, Good Measure, and coming with a background of all things vocal music, Austin is a pro singer, arranger, and beat boxer. He has already provided us with amazing new arrangements that push and tease us into being better musicians and laid down amazing vocal percussion on our forthcoming album.

Despite being the youngest member of our group, Austin knows more than most when it comes to music. Austin spent five years learning about music creation and production, sells his arrangements professionally, and has an incredibly trained ear for detail. He has a deep appreciation for making musical compositions mirror lyrics and their emotions and tries to imbue these intricacies in his work. When not serving cupcakes to the public for money, he serves cupcakes of the heart to all of us for free! [insert groan due to cheesiness overload here]. We are also so proud to see him off on an LA adventure this week where he will be competing in the International Championship of Collegiate Acapella with two arrangements up for prestigious evaluation. Though we’ve only been singing with Austin for about six months, we have already seen him grow and contribute within this group in so many impactful ways. This simple, sensitive, smart human is precious cargo and we adore him!

Austin being an a cappella boss