In the Spotlight: Alison Noe

The stunning and beautiful Alison just sipping on some coffe

Have you ever wondered who the stunning, wavy-haired, heavily tattoo’d girl bouncing as she sings is? It’s Alison and hot lanta, do you wish you knew her better. This salty dog is the most hilarious, dry, and saucy character who is also the sweetest, most caring, and good person you could hope to meet. From her well-timed remarks to her flawless taste in art, Alison is an all-around gem.

When not singing as one of our B-Side soprano/altos, she dedicates her time to the social well-being of Portlanders, working for Multnomah County and providing support for those who need it. She is an avid baker, a lover of cheese, a well-traveled explorer who has lived in Italy and Thailand, and probably the most consistently well-dressed person in B-Side. Alison is a portland-native and a committed member of B-Side since 2017. She is dually bent on enjoying life and doing work that matters, improving all of the lives she touches. Her shimmering high notes add brightness and warmth to our sound and her dedication and easy-going yet-vibrant nature have made us all fall deeply in love with her. Thanks for all that you do, Alison!

Look at this cutie!