In the Spotlight: Pirtle

SING it!

Robert Earl Mason Pirtle III : our enthusiastic, bright-eyed bass/baritone/poet. From his rallying bird call noises to his sincerity and openness, this sweet-hearted individual adds spirit, inspiration, and mathematical prowess to our group. Pirtle is a sailor, physicist, computer coder, wordsmith, and outdoor-lover who has helped B-Side develop its sense of community (and website!).

From growing up on the East Coast and moving West come college, to recently quitting his swanky day job in the pursuit of travel and personal edification, Pirtle is full of independence and follows his heart the way a compass points north. He is a party unto himself, the most available individual you could hope to be in conversation with, and is an excellent savorer of moments. He is passionate about helping to instigate social and political change, dedicated to the simple thought that even the smallest kindness goes a long way, and he occasionally gives us lessons on the physics of music. We are so grateful for the brightness he brings to our group and our hearts!

Pirtle performing his slam poem "Run East" with the 'Club