In the Spotlight: Matthew Spady

Who could leaf him alone?

Who is not swooning over this fabulous man’s simply astounding voice? Despite serving primarily as a tenor, Matthew can sing as high as our sopranos and it sounds like an angel sighing. Coming to us from a long line of successful vocal adventures and experiences, we are truly honored to have Matt join B-Side Book Club.

Having recently abandoned his life as a professional hair stylist, Matt is now pursuing his creative talents and surrendering himself to Adventure. When not frolicking in the beautiful landscapes of Oregon, Matt sings in several groups/bands and is jumping back into the world of acting. With his lovely face, vibrant sweetness, and undeniable talent, it’s doubtful Matt will find anything but success along this road. Matt, we are so excited to sing with you every Sunday and let our lives be colored with your brightness!

The Matt-trix