In the Spotlight: Mason Wordell

Mason stoppin' to smell the flowers

What does it feel like to hug goodness itself? Hug, Mason Wordell and you will know. This energetic, flamboyant-yet-grounded, heartfelt man is so essential to the B-Side family. He is an organizer, instigator, communicator, and inspirer all in one. Mason anchors us both in coordination and musically, as one of our basses. He is one of the original founders of this non-profit singing group and is sometimes jokingly-not-jokingly referred to as the group Dad.

Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Mason is a tender, tree-loving soul who appreciates the unfathomable beauty of this planet with all his heart. As the Volunteer Manager at Columbia Springs, Mason spends his days helping to run a public park and fish hatchery, making sure people have access to nature and outdoor education. He is well-traveled, ever-thinking, and an incredibly talented conversationalist. When not singing or working, Mason enjoys going on walks, being an absolute riot of a human, having relaxing days at home, and spending time with friends and his partner Kimo.

Who's the hottie with the long hair?