In the Spotlight: Adriana Hernandez

Adriana loves her cats When Adriana sings, people lose their mind. Whether she’s making your ears rejoice by smashing insanely high notes and cascading runs or giving you chills with sen sual low tones, this girl has control, precision, and power. As one of our only classically trained singers, Adriana fills the role of Music Director for our group - guiding our sound and increasing our knowledge on everything from technique to intentionality. She has an amazing ear for detail and emotionalism within songs and has elevated our sound just by walking in the door.

When not working as a Success and Happiness Maker for a high tech reception company, Adriana loves spending time with friends, re-reading Harry Potter, relaxing in the sun, or playing with her two adorable cats. Having grown up in California and Hawaii, Adriana is full of sunny, low key vibes and good energy, smiling from her whole body when she smiles and always seeking to engage positively with others. Our growth as a group has been so helped by her vocal chops and we are forever grateful for her kind and tailored direction, her jovial presence, and all her hard work!

Look at her jumping for joy!