In the Spotlight: Becky Friedman

Becky joined B-Side in 2017, boosting our alto section with her fire, kindness, and mischievous eye-twinkles. Well acquainted with a cappella, Becky participated in vocal groups throughout high school and college, and now brings her expertise to B-Side. If you’ve heard our rendition of Madonna’s Like A Prayer, you have witnessed first-hand the punch-you-in-your-face purity of her clear, angelic bombshell of a voice.

Becky Friedman being more hip than all of us 24/7

By day, Becky works in insurance verification for a surgery clinic, offering advice, sympathy, and clear instruction. Also by day, she is a badass. By night, Becky is a perfect storm of cooking and honoring good food, drawing from traditional Jewish meals and offering wholesome vegetarian fare for herself and her friends. Also by night, she is still a badass. Mother to a host of picture-imperfect houseplants and a flawless cat named Balam, outdoor adventurer, and supportive friend, Becky brings so much to our family. From her unique and charmingly explosive way of phrasing things, to her keen eye for musical detail and her unfaltering desire to perform her best, Becky fills the room with laughter, thought, and dedication. She is an independent, strong-willed woman living her life with combustive success and a soft heart for others. She values herself, values the good in others, and is an amazing addition to our crew. She is the hippest of the hip, the sweetest of the sweet and whether singing, laughing, or talking deeply, we are so happy to have her on our team.

Friend to all organisms