In the Spotlight: Andrew Erickson

Andy is a cutie.

So who’s the hunk that always stands in the back? That would be Andy, the gentlest, most supportive, multi-musically-talented, and most hard working man you could hope to meet. Whether pushing through hours of grueling software work, teaching himself how to create apps, or getting drinks with a friend, Andy puts his entire self into what he does. He is a sharp and present individual who is quick to catch easily-missed details or moments, he is as patient as the slow-moving earth, and has a strength of will that is truly admirable.

Andy came to Portland from Missouri and spent his college years becoming fluent in Mandarin, living in China for a year, and performing music. He has started his own business, designed websites (including ours!), welcomed opportunities that push him to grow, and has won all of the B-Side hearts with his steady genius. In his latest life venture, he will move to Yakima with his partner, Sierra, and continue working for the big bucks from afar. Andy, we are so sad to lose the regularity of your presence in our lives, but are excited to see what changes and successes come your way. You’re deep chuckle shall reverberate across the fields of Oregon to our waiting ears and much rejoicing shall be had for the bonds of love do runneth deep.

Andy is always exploring.