Welcome, Our Three New Members!

Auditioning is weird.

You walk into this room full of people you’ve never met who are about to nod silently at you, squint in your general direction, and ask you all kinds of questions, generally doing all of the things that literally judging you entails.

On the flip side of that, holding auditions is weird in a completely different way.

You welcome all of these random people who are somehow interested in you to come to your ritualistic space; you have to think of all these questions to ask them, narrow down your own idea of what you want into very specific terms and parameters, be on performance yourself to convince these people you are legitimate and worth being a part of and, if you are nice, host the audition incredibly amicably and do your very best to make these people comfortable and allow them the space to be at their best.

It’s like weird, creative speed-dating.

“What are you interested in? What do you do? What part do you sing? If you were a kitchen utensil, what would you be?” Together, you dive into this comfortably uncomfortable window of time spent assessing one another and determining whether you’d like to spend the rest of your Sundays together.

But the overall awkward realm of auditioning delivers so much good. And without further adieu, a fat, whomping - I mean truly obese - welcome is in order for our three new members: Scott, Matthew, and Austin.

B-side's newest members

Never have so many people loved each other so quickly. Not only is the addition of these three new souls a huge boost to the richness of our sound as a vocal group, they are full of laughter, light, and so much goodness and B-Side has turned up its Hot & Wholesome™ - ness to even higher levels (Literally everyone in this group is attractive. Literally everyone is incredibly nice and lovely. I don’t know how it happened that way. It’s just the truth. No, I am not biased).

We have only had two practices with these new members but they have already added so much to our group. I cannot wait to see how these powerful voices stretch and improve our sound, how their personalities and ideas take us to new places as a group. Welcome to the B-Side family, you beautiful humans! We are so excited to spend the rest of our Sundays with you!

Matthew, Scott, & Austin