A New Year, A New Blog

A fresh year is upon us and B-Siders gather once more to join in merriment and song. Smiles stretch, vocal chords wiggle, and laughter tumbles forward in our first reunion of 2019. We are so excited to be able to continue this group as hard work gives way to new adventures, AND we are excited to announce the newly-hatched presence of this blog wherein you can expect to learn more about who we are, what we do, what we think, and what it means to be part of a community devoted to sound.

Founded by a shared love of singing and vocal music, B-Side Book Club is a group dedicated to learning, improving, and sharing in harmony. For all of the hard work and success we’ve won for ourselves (our simple hobby has lead us to regional sweepstakes, international competitions, and local news channels - quite frankly, we’re all a little shocked by it), every B-Side member has stayed on with the Club because of the amazing community stitched into every element of this group. Though B-Side has waxed and waned into new combinations of souls and sounds, grown official documentation and 301C Non-Profit status, and established a small but noble name for itself, it started as a group of friends sitting around a kitchen table. And through all of this growing and changing, B-Side Book Club has never lost sight of that fact. This group exists to provide an open space for friends to have fun singing and invite strangers to do the same. In everything we do, we strive to make sure we never lose sight of that.

So welcome to B-Side! Welcome to this blog. We already love you and want to sing with you. And we hope you enjoy learning more about us.